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We believe the job of the president is to be the Chief Vision Officer and Executive Officer of the executive branch, the international representative for the United States, and the Commander in Chief of the military. Thus, we believe, the task of candidates applying for this job is to create a vision of the future, design a pathway to achieve it with the American people, and then execute it capitalizing on American innovation.  Accordingly, we have decided to approach this process differently than others – we are focused on creating a National Readiness Plan and we believe our country already has the resources we need to achieve this goal – but we need someone to connect these capabilities.

Thus, the goal of the Ready Nation National Tour is to bring the capabilities and people of the United States together to build a nation ready for the future. To achieve these goals, we will be traveling across the country, visiting all 50 states, conducting interviews, roundtables, workshops, and giving talks all with the goal of finding the best ideas to help us build a Ready Nation. We are expanding work Dr. J.J. Walcutt started in the executive branch. Reporting to the Pentagon, she was focused on military readiness at the national and international level. She also worked with the other 14 departments and agencies to design blueprints for government, military, and education readiness enhancement. Thus, we aim to repeat and expand this process to improve national readiness.

We will highlight innovative ideas, activism, and tools that when combined support resilience and readiness in creating education for the future, 21st century healthcare, a modernized defense force, environmental rebuilding, and global employment capabilities. Ultimately, at the end of the tour, we will have a fully designed plan created not by one person or party but by our entire nation! We believe it doesn’t take an act of congress to fix the country, it just takes a lot of dedicated Americans…to work together!


9            Sacramento, CA

10          San Francisco, CA

12          Santa Barbara, CA

14          Las Angeles, CA

16          Las Vegas, NV

18          Phoenix, AZ

19          Tucson, AZ

21          Orlando, FL

23          Washington, DC

24          Boston, MA

27          Albuquerque, NM

28          Roswell, NM

30          San Antonio, TX



1            Houston, TX

2            Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

6            Oklahoma City, OK

7            Tulsa, OK

8            Fayetteville, AR

9            Little Rock, AR

11          Baton Rouge, LA

12          New Orleans, LA

13          Hattiesburg, MS

14          Jackson, MS

15          Oxford, MS

16          Memphis, TN

17          Nashville, TN

18          Birmingham, AL

19          Montgomery, AL

20          Tallahassee, FL

21          Orlando, FL